Our Favourite Marie Kondo Decluttering Tips

10 of our Favourite Marie Kondo Decluttering Tips to Spark Joy this Spring


  1.  Greet your home with gratitude before cleaning, fostering a positive and
    appreciative mindset.
  2. Spark joy by decluttering one category at a time, starting with clothes and ending with sentimental items.
  3. Clear kitchen counters by keeping only essential items, creating a serene and
    efficient cooking space.
  4. Tidy books and papers by keeping only those that truly resonate with you, cultivating a more peaceful environment.
  5. Transform dead spaces into functional nooks with floating shelves, giving your room a touch of elegance and utility.
  6. Sort through digital clutter by organizing files into specific folders, promoting clarity in your virtual space.
  7. Revamp your entryway with a designated ‘joyful station&’; for keys, shoes, and essentials, welcoming you with clarity – coat and hat racks work well here.
  8. Contain small items in dedicated boxes within drawers, granting them a designated home and preventing clutter.
  9. Complete each cleaning task fully before moving on to the next, allowing you to appreciate the transformative power of tidying.
  10. Embrace the joy of letting go as you donate or recycle items you no longer need, making room for new experiences.


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